About Us


Through events like our annual Community Cook-Out, brand partnerships, and a strong commitment to finding and elevating incredible food and talented chefs, Everybody Gotta Eat is rooted in the idea that food brings people together.

“One thing everyone is going to do is eat,” says founder Emmanuel Mervil. “The way I grew up, food was a big part of the culture; my mom fed everybody.”

Today, Everybody Gotta Eat is influencing Boston’s food culture by providing an array of services such as catering, social media marketing, and community and brand partnerships.

Get in touch to learn how we can take your next event or your brand to the next level.


Social Media

We specialize in social media marketing and would love to introduce our Instagram following of 19K+ to your business.

Check us out @everybodygotta_eat


Partnering with community leaders, businesses, and events is at the core of who we are. Have an exciting event coming up? Let us know. We’re always open to collaborating.


We work with a host of chefs from various backgrounds to meet your catering needs. Whether it is a private or corporate event, we’ve got you covered!


We blog, brand, and market for all kinds of food-industry services and independent businesses.

Emmanuel | Founder & Boston’s New “Food Phantom”

Dubbed Boston’s new Food Phantom, Everybody Gotta Eat is heating up the food scene with his bold flavors and unique perspective on cultured food.

One day he’s curating menus for events, the next he’s guiding viewers to restaurants in and around the city-often in places where chefs do not get press attention. Inspired by his Haitian upbringing where food brings people together and his mom’s desire to feed “Everybody”, Everybody Gotta Eat started as a small community giveback in Cambridge and has now grown into a fully operated food blog, catering company, and an Instagram following of 19.1K.

EGE’s footprint in the Boston food scene without a doubt continues to grow becoming the city’s go to for all things food.